Chidambaram - Nataraja Temple
Mysore Palace
Amber Fort, Jaipur
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Welcome to the VR World

View360 – Virtual Reality tours are not a computer-generated environment or a scene!

We are copying through digital photographs and digital scanning of the historic places of temples and heritage monuments and digitally preserving the monuments through virtual reality(VR). And it is dedicated to sharing people around the world by creating and hosting virtual tour content to preserve historical sites and make them more accessible through immersive virtual tours.

View360 Virtual Reality(VR) as a holistic approach to historic building preservation. Digitally record, archive and share the India’s most significant cultural heritage and ensure that these places continue to inspire wonder and curiosity for decades to come.


Tourism and travel virtual tours are one of many big changes to the tourism industry in the age of the internet.  Make sure your facility is represented in the best way possible with a 360 degree, immersive virtual tour. Most travelers are now using the web as their first source of information in making travel plans.

Virtual tourism was already starting to take off and with recent events, it has exploded. The ability for anybody to take virtual reality tours of famous attractions has transformed the travel industry.

With recent events causing most of the world to be stuck at home, many are predicting virtual reality travel will help transform the travel and tourism industry.

This travel technology allows anybody to see attractions, hotels, and many other features of a destination before booking a trip. While these travel tools were already being used by some travel agents before COVID-19, it’s predicted they will become even more important after things return to normal.

VR technology can also help with trip planning. Instead of wondering if you’ll enjoy a specific attraction, you can see if you’ll like it.

With the Features


From where ever you are you can virtually get a feel of you are inside spiritually experiences of temples, churches, Mosques, and Dhargahs, roam around the royal palaces and forts and participate in an event virtually from your home with our virtual reality tours,


You don't need to fly, to see the cities as an eagle, through our virtual reality you will get a feel as flying and see the cities from an eagle perspective.


Based on the research articles of some researchers, we're sharing some information with you here as audiovisual media.

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